IT infrastructure

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Sonrise school has an Instructional Technology department that provides network, hardware, software and instructional support for the entire school community. Technology is embedded into both learning and teaching. Both instructors and students engage students in 21st Century, technology-enabled, deeper learning.

Sonrise school has 250 computer work stations, distributed in 7 computer labs: 5 at High School and 2 at Primary School. Each teacher has a laptop. We have 500 Barnes & Noble “Nook” tablets, used by both teachers and students. Several classrooms employ Interactive Whiteboards; 3 at High School and 1 at Primary School, and LCD projectors. The school infrastructure is Fiber Optic throughout and has wireless broadband speed of up to 32 Mbps

Sonrise school is in the process of becoming a Google Apps for Education school. Google Apps for Education is a web based suite of services that provide email, word-processing, calendaring, research, and collaboration tools. Google Apps for Education provides tools to assist in authentically teaching students to appropriately use technology for communication and collaboration with both teachers and peers.


Google Apps for Education also supports anywhere, anytime learning, and helps reduce the digital divide by minimizing the hardware and software requirements needed to use the tools. Teachers and Students utilize Google Apps for Education to build access to the Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs).


UNESCO considers that ICTs can contribute to universal access to education, equity in education, the delivery of quality learning and teaching, teachers’ professional development as well as improve education management, governance and administration provided t