Sonrise Students Visit Genocide Memorial Sites

By  ChaniaUwase

Part of Sonrise High School students have visited two Bugesera based Memorial sites in a way of taking part in the national 22nd commemoration of 1994 Genocide against the Tutsis that claimed over 1m lives.

The two Genocide memorial sites visited included Ntarama and Nyamata Genocide memorial sites respectively.

“Killers used to spray liquid pepper on wounded bodies to check if no one is still alive so as to make sure no trace of living human is left and also burn mattresses on top of the bodies to completely make sure everybody dies,” a care taker of one memorial site explained to the attentive students.

The event which was organised by ‘Never Again Club’ on May 14, 2016 attracted over 150 students from all classes from senior one (grade 7) to Senior six (grade 12).

According to the care taker of Ntarama Genocide memorial site an estimation of more than 5000 people were killed and descent burial is now in the arrangements.

While the care taker of Nyamata Genocide Memorial site, said that about 45000 bodies are kept at that particular site.

Nyamata site is notoriously famous for the memory of one woman’s tragic horrific death, this woman was abused and raped whose coffin is still laid separately.